Save money with dental sensor repairs


Save money with dental sensor repairs

The typical dental office spends over $55,000 in digital sensor replacement costs over the life of their practice. That amount doesn't include the time and production lost when you're office doesn't have that sensor. 

RepairDDS can help your office save money and production time by repairing your broken sensors. Typical repair costs are, on average, 70% less than replacing it. On top of that, we offer extended warranties on your sensors so that your office can feel secure in knowing what to do if another sensor breaks. With quick turn-around time, your office will be back up to speed in no time.

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RepairDDS is the award-winning world class digital dental sensor repair facility.

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RepairDDS is the world's leading digital intra-oral sensor repair facility; RepairDDS created a targeted solution to make sensor repairs a simple process. We are continuously expanding our operation and offerings to better serve our customers.

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