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Sensors are typically diagnosed within 24 hours after they arrive at our repair facility. Once a sensor is diagnosed, we email you the exact repair cost that you can either approve or decline. If you decide to decline repairs (or the sensor is unrepairable), we simply ask that you pay for the total insured shipping.

In addition to sensor repairs, we do repair intraoral cameras as well.

Carestream Sensor

Dental sensor repairs made simple for everyone.

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Easy Online Tracking

Track your sensor, in real time throughout the repair process. Our website allows you to see the current status, your shipping label, repair quote, and more.

Online Bill Pay

Once you've decided to repair your dental sensor or have it returned, you can use our online bill pay portal to pay securely and easily.

Sensor Loan Program

If you need a dental sensor to borrow while we repair yours, simply contact a member of our team and we can send you a dental loaner sensor.

Extended Warranties

RepairDDS offers extended warranties on working or dead dental sensors. If a dental sensor breaks that are under a RepairDDS Extended Warranty, send it to us and we'll fix it - the way a warranty should be.

Dental Sensor

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and more.

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Mobile Friendly

We designed our website to be easy to use in fast-paced offices. We aimed to support mobile devices above all others without compromising functionality.

Fast Service

RepairDDS provides you with a UPS shipping label when you fill out our submission form. After you print out this label and attach it to a box with your sensors, you're ready to go. Once we receive it and process it, we'll give you a diagnosis and a quote for any necessary repairs.

Quality Dental Sensor Repairs

RepairDDS stands by the quality of our dental sensor repairs. We've gone to great length to source quality cables, repair tools, and other materials. Our goal has always been to provide the highest quality repairs that last. RepairDDS believes a sensor repaired by us is an improvement over the original.

Online Tracking

From any device you can track your sensors. We provide you with a web link to you in every email sent. The tracking page is live and in real-time - keeping you up-to-date on the latest about your repairs.

We're not the only ones 
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 about RepairDDS

Thousands of dental professionals across the globe use RepairDDS.

What an Incredible company to work with. It's all about the results and you guys really DELIVER! I can't believe how good my sensors look.

Dr. Rob

Thank you for repairing our Dexis sensor, you saved us!

Dr. H

We really appreciate the swift and attentive service we have received from you and your staff. We know that we can always get our questions answered with a simple phone call, email or web-chat. Thanks so very much for all that you do to make our business thrive!

Dr. Brooks

I have used these guys over the years. Recently my assistant ran our Dexis platinum with the vacuum. Got a shipping label, got it repaired and back in my office before i got back from my vacation. For a fraction of replacing it with a new sensor.

Taylor Jones

Excellent turn around time. From start to finish it only took a few days! They repaired our Dexis Platinum sensors and a dexcam camera, quickly and professionally. We highly recommend these guys. MJ

Mathew James

After the repair they called to help with the installation, no issues, and they called a few weeks later to check on the sensor to make sure we were satisfied. Well done from start to finish.

Vyky Juliane

They a couple of years ago they repaired a Carestream 6100 for us. Has been flawless since :) Very easy to use service, just completed their online form and instantly received a UPS label. Had it back quickly. Good to know we count on them.

Horace Dearing

Thank you for recently repairing our Carestream sensors. We initially thought that we would just have to buy new ones, but repairdds was able to quickly identify the issues and repair them. We really appreciate how good the repaired sensors look and how fast they were returned to us. We are a very busy office and they certainly understand how important X-rays is to a dental office. Thank you!

Kim Anderson

These are just a few examples of the great service RepairDDS has provided to doctors around the world.

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