Shipping Sensors

The best way to ship your sensor to our repair facility is to print off the UPS label that we have generated for you and atttach it to any appropriately sized box and hand it to your local UPS courier.

Secure Sensors For Transit

While your sensor already may be damaged, any additional damage may make repairing your dental sensors even more difficult. Place them in an appropriately sized box with some padding (such as paper or bubble wrap).

UPS Label

RepairDDS' provides a shipping label when you submit your sensors. If you use this label, all your information is embedded into that UPS label so when we receive your sensors, we will have all of your information.


Once you've placed your sensor in a box and taped the UPS label to it, simply hand it to your UPS courier the next time he's in your office.

If you don't have a regular UPS courier, you can simply drop it off at a UPS Drop off location.
Click here to find your closest UPS Drop Off Location.

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