Getting Started

Sensor repair is something relatively new to digital dental imaging. Most manufacturers of sensors do not offer repairs; That's where RepairDDS comes in. We repair nearly all digital dental sensors that are in use today. We know you may have many questions; this page is dedicated to answering some of the most common questions.

Dental Sensor Anatomy

Digital dental sensors are complex devices packed in a tiny package. A lot can go wrong and can be difficult to fix. There are also some common manufacturer pitfalls. However, many of these pitfalls can be repaired and in many cases, even improved upon.

USB Cable Damage

A sensor's USB cable by far the most damaged component of a dental sensor. The constantly being bent and pulled on can damage the connections.

Impact Damage

Drops, slams, and smashes are a common culprit of damaging a dental sensor. Internal components can be damaged by shock.

Internal Wiring & Components

The internal wiring of most dental sensors are microwires - barely thicker than a human hair; these wires are connected to heavy components and can be pulled from their solder pads. RepairDDS uses higher tensile strength cabling.

Why Repair

Save Money

Save over 70% by repairing your broken sensor instead of buying a new sensor with our risk-free, no ogligation diagnosis.

Risk-Free Diagnosis

We charge you nothing to simply diagnose your sensor. We even provide you a shipping label to send it to us. You simply send it to us, and we do the rest.

Extended Warranties

RepairDDS offers warranties on sensors; If your sensor is already working or recently repaired, we offer a warranty program that will give you peace of mind.

Fast Service

We provide you a UPS shipping label when you complete our submission form; once you print out this label and attach it to a box with your sensors, you're ready to go. Once we recieve it and proccess it, we'll give you a diagnosis and a quote for repairs.

Need a repair? Get a shipping label & risk-free diagnosis.

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