Repair Services

RepairDDS offers a complete dental sensor solution for repairs.

USB Cable Repairs

A sensor's USB cable by far the most damaged component of a dental sensor. The constantly being bent and pulled on can damage the connections.

Impact Damage Repairs

Drops, slams, and smashes are a common culprit of damaging a dental sensor. Internal components can be damaged by shock.

Internal Component Repairs

Internal components of a dental sensor are highly specialized and advanced.

Internal Wiring Repairs

The internal wiring of most dental sensors are microwires - barely thicker than a human hair.

Benny - RepairDDS Automation Robot

Service Information

RepairDDS a comprehensive dental sensor repair service to all dental professionals. With out world's leading digital intra-oral sensor repair facility, we also offer the highest quality. In addition to our state-of-the-art repair facility, we also offer the most advanced website that allows our clients to easily submit, track & more their dental sensor as it flies though our process.

RepairDDS Benefits

Online Tracking

We will keep you informed throughout the whole repair process. We email you when the status of your repair has changed, and you can track the status online.

Risk-Free Diagnosis

We charge you nothing to simply diagnose your sensor. We even provide you a shipping label to send it to us. You simply send it to us, and we do the rest.

Extended Warranties

RepairDDS offers warranties on sensors; If your sensor is already working or recently repaired, we offer a warranty program that will give you peace of mind.

Fast Service

We provide you a UPS shipping label when you complete our submission form; once you print out this label and attach it to a box with your sensors, you're ready to go. Once we recieve it and proccess it, we'll give you a diagnosis and a quote for repairs.

Need a repair? Get a shipping label & risk-free diagnosis.

We'll email you a shipping label you in seconds.